True Story Why You Don’t Need to Look For a Wealthy Man

Do you look for your husband-to-be from his money? Are you sure that it is the most important part for your marriage life? Here I will tell you my story about my wealthy man.

This story is taken based on my own relationship. I accepted him because he is wealthy. He is not so wealthy. He only has his own apartment, car and good position in career (high salary). Some of you may think those are the minimum that man should have before marriage. But I think differently!

Let’s start the story . . .

I was in the relationship with him because of his money and I thought I would live well with him. I didn’t love him at first and I didn’t know him well. As time goes by, I felt in love with him and he loved me too. But I still looked at his money. In the first 3 months, he said that he would get promotion in his career, even he would work abroad. It sounded good. I imagined that I wouldn’t live poorly and will live in luxurious.

A week after he told me that his apartment was burn because he forgot to turn off the stove. Finally, he lost his apartment. Was it so bad? Yes I was so shocked about it. A week after that, he was fired. He lost his job! I didn’t know what happened. He was so depressed and so did I. I felt he broke my dream. Unfortunately, he was so pessimistic, so he didn’t trust in himself that he could face this problem. Finally, he lost everything because he broke me up. It was really in the worst situation. I couldn’t do anything. I already motivated him, but he kept his decision. Then we broke up.

I felt that God’s punished me because I only looked at his money to accept his love.

The lesson that we can take from this story is money can go and come at any time. Wealthy man will not always be wealthy man. He can lose his money at any time. Even you can’t guarantee that he will always be wealthy. He may get fired or bankrupt at any time. Who’s know?

So, the conclusion is that you don’t need to look for a wealthy man, but you need to look for high motivated man. Why need a motivated man? wait until next post :).

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Real story: Controlling Emotion Will Make You Have Long-Lasting Relationship

Have you ever had a problem with your anger? Even you broke up because of it?  Yes, it’s very common that you break up because of angriness. Do you want it always happens? Of course you don’t.

Here, I will give you the examples that really happened to me (my real stories) about my angriness. I really want to share my story and tell you the truth, so you can take the lessons from it and have a long-lasting relationship. Sounds good?

My story is in long distance relationship, but I think every couple can have the same problem. You know exactly how hard long distance relationship is, it is really hard! It has lots of angriness, misunderstanding, lack of trust, etc. Fortunately, I can handle it when I realized that angriness destroys my relationship. Are you ready to read my story?

Well, here is my story…

One day (I forgot about the date) I sent him a message on viber. After few hours, he didn’t reply me yet. I was so worried, so I sent him messages again and all over again. One more time, he didn’t reply me. I saw he was online, but he didn’t reply me! Then I calmed myself down. I just kept my mind positively, might he was busy.

                One day two days was gone, he still didn’t reply me. I was so worried about him! Then, I started to send him some weird messages. I was so so so angry to him! These were my messages “why don’t you reply me? I think you don’t like if I send you messages L”, “Okay, I will not send you message anymore, even you never reply me!”. I sent those kinds of messages again and again. After some time, he replied me! But what he said? He said “I was busy baby, I am so sorry” “but if you don’t want to talk to me anymore, I will go from your life”. Then he continued that he wanted to break me up.

                I was shocked with his respond.  The only reason I sent those messages was I just wanted him to reply me, but I fell to this problem. Fortunately, I could handle this problem and we didn’t break up. This problem really drove me to break up. It was crazy!

                I showed my angriness with hoping he would calm me down or showering me lots of his attention. In fact, it NEVER happens!

After I realized it, I changed the way I treat my boyfriend. I am no longer angry to him, even if he doesn’t reply me or come online sometime. I prefer to send him lovely messages than angry message. I sent this message “I hope when I open my eyes, I see your messages”. Do you know what his respond? He send me message “One thing don’t forget it I LOVE YOU”. So, it is better for you to control your emotion. If you don’t like he does something, you can tell him lovely. He will understand and even love you more.

Keep this on your mind and talk to yourself “BETTER IF I LOST ARGUMENT THEN I LOST HIM”.

Girls look for a boyfriend/husband, what will they see?

Hello, Star Relationships.
I am so curious about what the girls look from a man to be their bf or husband and why. Let’s say they look from money, body, style, personality, etc. but what are the exact things that girls see?

Our respond:
Hello, thank you for asking us :)
There are many things that girls will see from a man. First, I will tell you what the girls see from the man’s personalities.

1. A good sense of humor
Girls really like a man with good sense of humor because such man will bring them into happiness and of course that man will make girls comfort around him. Read the deep reason here

2. Kindness and compassion
Girls will be melted with a man who cares for others because girls use their heart than their brain. When you touch her heart, exactly you’ll win her heart. Every girl will be touched with man’s kindness and compassion. Even if they don’t love you, they will adore you.

3. Intelligence
Intelligence is important part because man will be a leader in the marriage’s life and the girls are aware about it. The man needs to decide a decision in many important moments, so girls need intelligence man. Exactly girls will adore you.

Now, I’ll tell you about the things that girls will see from a man’s treatment toward them.

1. Curiosity
Girls like a man who will ask questions and really want to know anything about her. When man asks many things about her, she will think that the man is really interested in her and she will feel your attention. The girls will always appreciate the man’s efforts to get to know something about her.  She will be surprised when she knows that you already know something about her before she tells you.

2. Remember the small things
Girls always remember about the small things, like the date that she and you met in the first time, remember every single words that you told her, etc. How’s about men? Unfortunately, some men don’t pay attention about it. Actually, the girls will be more interested and adore a man who remembers things that she said ages ago, moreover if it was a really small thing. 100% she will adore you because you show your attention to her and remember it.

3. Jealousy
Girls will also like if you are jealous, but not too much just a little jealousy. A man just need to give a hint of jealousy, it’s enough to show that you care.

4. Do NOT talk about sex and getting inappropriate.
Yes, sex is interesting topic, but usually men will addicted with that topic then will always talk about it. It’s not good from girls’ perspective. It doesn't mean that girls don’t like sex, but it’s just embarrassing to talk about it.

5. Take control

This doesn’t mean over protective man, but the man who knows when he has to take control of his girl. For example he said “we’ll go out today, be ready and dress appropriately” or “I’ll pick you up now, don’t go anywhere”. Those manners, definitely girls will feel that you protect her and of course she will feel safe with you.


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Talking to a guy? Talk about what?

Hello Star Relationships,
I’m interested with a guy, but he didn’t start any conversation with me. Can I start the conversation? But how? I don’t know what I should talk about. Please help me, thanks.

Hello, thank you for asking us.
First, yes you can start the conversation with him. Most of girls think that the guy who have to make the first move. And a lot of time, guy does – but if he doesn’t do it for long time, will you only wait him? until when?

You know a guy will always appreciate you if you start talking to him and he will think you are friendly girl. 

First of all, you can break the ice by giving compliment to him.
Example, (at the class) “(his name), you are handsome today with your shirt. It’s a great color . .”
The most important is you have to keep this in your mind: “if a guy doesn’t make the first move, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in you”
You have to always think about it and it will make you more confidence to start a conversation with any guy you like.

Second, you need to keep the conversation flowing.
This is the most important and hardest part, right? I’ll give you some questions ideas, but you need to remember that LISTEN to your guy is the key.
To show that you are listening to him:
  • “That’s so interesting. Tell me more.”
  • “Wow, I never knew that. How did you learn about that?”

And here are some questions that you can use:
  • What’s the one thing you like about yourself the most?
  • Do you have any phobias? Is there something that totally scares you that you might not want to admit to everyone?

  • What was the happiest time in your life?
  • Do you have a passion or a goal for yourself, that you don’t usually tell other people about? What is it?
  • If I could wave a magic wand and give you any talent that you currently don’t have, what would it be?

You can try those questions and see how amazing this question to keep the conversation flowing. 

I write this advice based on the book “The Instant Infatuation Formula: How To Use “Seductive Conversation” To Make Any Man Desire and Obsess About You” by Samantha Sanderson. In her book, there are a lot of questions idea and also many techniques that surely will make boys interested in you. The book is one of PENGUIN METHOD formulas. If you want to get the copy of this book, you need to like our facebook’s page here. And contact us to know the requirement to get the copy.

If I Ignore a Girl, Will I Get Her Attention?

I got this question 2 days ago from a boy (secret name)
I’ll answer with my perspective as a girl.

(?) If I Ignore a girl, will I get her attention? What will she do? How will she feel?

My answers are:

Ignoring the girl you like will only make her thinks bad things towards you.

She will think that:
  • ·         You were never interested in her

Why? It’s because girls think that every boy will catch girl. The one who will play hard to get is a girl, so don’t ignore her or you will not get her. But if you find a girl who ignores you, it means you have to be harder to get her, shower her with your attention. Then I am sure you will get her.
  • ·         You were just playing on her

Girls will think that you are not interested in her and you are only playing on her. You make yourself look like a playboy who flirts to her then leaves her.
  • ·         You found someone else

Girls also know if a boy will not only have one girl that he likes. If the boy really likes one girl and he wants to get her, he will catch girl and never ignore that girl. So, if you ignore a girl you only make her confused then she will have a bad expectation of you.
  • ·         She did something wrong

Girls usually have many experiences with boys and every time they get ignored from a boy, it usually because she did something wrong that make the boy going away. Then, when she realizes that she didn't do anything wrong, she'll think you're a stupid boy and playing on her

Those all that girls will think if you ignore her. She most likely would just give up on you.
So, my conclusion is, DO NOT DO THIS, DON’T EVER. You are a boy, catch her and show her how much you care of her. Girls always fall in love with a guy who gives her lot of his attention.


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The Ways to Get a Woman Loves You: Guaranteed Tricks to Get The woman's Heart

Are you getting frustrated that you are still single? Don’t know how to get a woman’s heart? Many men have a dilemma with this. Do you feel the same? If yes, this information will make you happy. Here, I give you the tricks.

1. Be yourself
The key for getting anyone’s heart is to be yourself. Don’t try to give fake personality, it’s only to drive people away. Be honest about your personality because it makes people trust in you. Once a woman trusted in you, it’s the big chance to you to come to her life.

2. Learn about women
If you are a shy guy, you will always feel awkward around women. To handle your shyness, you need some practices. It may take times, but it will help you.
First, you need to take a note about how your family members (observe male and female members) interact. After that try to interact with female members often, this is the basic skill for you can feel comfort talking with women.
After some times, you can try to interact with your woman friends in the class or anywhere and try to learn about their ways. Remember that women also wonder about the ways to get men to love them as well, so don’t need to be shy to approach a woman.

3. Be nice
You may be nice to your woman, but actually you need to be nice to your environment. You can be nice by helping an old person cross the street, or take some litters on the street and throw in trash can.
Do kind things regularly and make it as your habit. It can make people like you. Of course women will like you too. You will have plus point in women’s eyes.

4. Be her friend
Many couple came from the friendship first. You also can try to be her friend first to let her know about your personality. If you can be her friends, it means you have big chance to be her boyfriend.
When you are her friends, try to always respect her, listen to her, and motivate her when she is in bad situation. Let her know you intentions. Women always love men’s attention.

Those all the simple ways to woman loves you, you can do action from now. And see that your woman start loving you.

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Dating for Long Distance Relationship Couples

Are you in Long Distance situation with your partner?
And confused how to date in Long Distance relationship?
I know that dating in long distance is hard. There are not lots of activities that you could do. You have to think harder what to do. But I have some ideas for dating in long distance relationship.

Here we go

1. Sharing your interests on the internet
Even though you and your partner have a long distance now, you can still date by discussing your interests on the internet. For example, if you like enjoying instrument, and your partner like dancing, connect Skype together and have him or her dancing along to your instrument. If you both like jogging, then you can set a time to start jogging together (even though you are in different locations), and then give mission, motivation, or discuss to each other thorough the jogging using your smartphone. Be innovative, and try to discover a way to discuss your interests without requiring your partner to be close to you physically.

2. Share new locations
You will be in long distance for long time, not for one or two days, right? So, it will be boring if you do video call in the same place. Think about new place, it can be outside home. Go outside and bring your phone or laptop into your bag. Find exciting place and discuss with you partner on phone about it. You can be in themed cafĂ©, park or anywhere that has beautiful view. When you arrived at that place, do video call on skype and let’s discuss about the place.

3. Watch movie and dinner
You can watch movie and dinner, even though you are apart. First, you decide what movie you want to watch and organize your meals. You can tell your partner to eat the same cuisine. It will feel like a dinner, don’t forget to set your room. After that, set up the place, and open your skype. In the skype, there is an option for sharing the screen. Finally, play the movie and watch together.

4. Play game online
Playing game is always interesting, so you will not be bored with the distance. There are many games online that you can play together with your partner via internet. Or you can search game on your smartphone or your laptop. Search game that you and your partner like. I will update the games that can you play later.

Those are the activities that may inspire you, I will update with idea for your activities later. Just keep update with my blog~

By the way, I am also in long distance relationship like you. Let’s fight together and make it worth.